Past Gatherings

Tulsa, Oklahoma — August 4, 2018 — Parent Gathering

Our first gathering was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma on August 4, 2018, and was a beautiful day that honored our children and our Lord. Thirty-five parents attended representing twenty-three children.  Each parent brought a picture of their child and took a few minutes to introduce themselves and their child. During lunch, we talked through discussion questions that were relevant to losing a child and the conversation was encouraging and helpful. After lunch, we brought out the “topic board.” This tri-fold board contains a variety of topics that are unique to grieving parents. The group chose what they wanted to discuss and we took twenty minutes per topic, having to stop the lively conversation to end on time!

As the world continues to move on around us, we as grieving parents find ourselves still grieving, even years after our children are gone. Spending time with others who understand and are walking a similar road is so helpful and comforting.

If you live near an upcoming gathering, we hope you’ll take time to come. We look forward to knowing you.

Tulsa, Oklahoma— November 4, 2018 — Mom’s Gathering

We had a lovely time together! Nine moms attended representing thirteen children. We shared about our children, made memory ornaments, and enjoyed being with other moms who are walking this journey.

Anderson, Indiana — January 5, 2019—Parent Gathering — Park Place Church of God

It was a blessing to meet other parents in Indiana and share about our precious children. There is a special comfort is being in the same room with other parents who have lost a child. Spending time talking, eating a meal together, and discussing topics that are unique to our grief,  we left this gathering uplifted and thankful for the insights that were shared and new relationships that were forged.

Lynchburg, Virginia — February 23, 2019 — Mom’s Gathering

It’s always a precious time when a room full of mothers spend time together. And when they are bereaved moms, the conversations flow and the hours pass without notice. It was a blessing to share about our children and all that we have learned.

Lynchburg, Virginia — September 14, 2019 — Parent Gathering — Gospel Community Church