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Our Hearts Are Home was born after the loss of our precious twenty-five- year- old son, Nathan, and recognizing the comfort that being with other grieving parents could bring. Over the last year, our purpose has become clear— to encourage those who are grieving and suffering, and to help educate and equip individuals to minister to others.

If you are traveling the journey of life after the death of a child, we invite you to join us for one of our upcoming gatherings. We hope that you will be encouraged as you connect with others who are traveling the same journey, learn from each other, discover helpful resources, and experience the comfort that Jesus gives. At a Gathering, we share a meal together and discuss topics unique to losing a child. All of us have children who are no longer here, although they left us in different ways.  Whether you lost your child to miscarriage, illness, accident, suicide, or any other host of ways, you’ll find a roomful of sweet parents who are walking the same road.

As the world continues to move on around us, we as grieving parents find ourselves still grieving, even years after our children are gone. We hope you’ll join us for a beautiful time of remembering our children and finding community with other parents who understand this journey.

(There is no cost to attend.)

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